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Just Say No to Grubs!

Lawn-911 was established in 1998 and was strictly a lawn care company. However, due to increasing customer demand, we incorporated additional services such as lawn maintenance, snowplowing and irrigation. At Lawn-911 we adapt to our customers needs, which makes us your one stop lawn maintenance company.

We take pride in hiring only the most qualified lawn care and maintenance technicians, so you receive the high-quality service you deserve. Our lawn care technician will be trained with IPM practices in mind and will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding an application. Our employees will also leave information regarding water schedules and proper mowing heights to ensure all of the lawn’s necessities are met.
Our image is very important to us, as our employees are uniformed and all our vehicles are decaled to reflect the high quality and customer satisfaction we strive for.

Our goal is for our customers to take as much pride in their lawn as we do.

We offer a wide variety of services, each custom tailored for your personal needs.

Lawn Maintenance
• Lawn Care (details on following page)
• Lawn cutting & trimming
• Garden edging & cultivation
• Aeration / Dethatching
• Spring & fall overseeding

Lawn Repairs
• Topdressing
• Sodding
• Tree & stump removal

• Customized installation
• System opening & closing
• System repairs

Winter Services
• Snowplowing
• Walkway Service
• Salt Service

Additional Services
• Spring / Fall eaves cleaning
• Spring / Fall window cleaning

We offer 2 types of lawn care programs: our traditional program or a 100% organic program.

Traditional Program
• Early spring fertilizer
• Early Summer fertilizer
• Later Summer fertilizer
• Early Fall fertilizer
• Late fall winterizer
• Weed controls (as required)
• Crabgrass controls (as required)
• Insect and grub controls (as required)

100% Organic Program
• Spring aeration & overseeding
• Spring application of corn gluten meal
• Spring soil conditioner
• Summer application of corn gluten meal
• Summer application of kelp
• Fall aeration

The grass is not always greener on the other side!