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Integrated Pest Management

Just Say No to Grubs!

Traditional Program
Organic Program
Early spring fertilizer application
Spring aeration & over seeding
Early summer fertilizer application
Spring application of corn gluten
Late summer fertilizer application
Late spring soil conditioner
Early fall fertilizer application
Summer application of corn gluten & kelp
Late fall winterizier application
Fall aeration
*Pest Controls as required*

Lawn-911 follows the practices of IPM - Integrated Pest Management. Along with each visit, a detailed lawn assessment is prepared of your lawn. This assessment involves educating you on how to get the most from your lawn. We will cover watering requirements, cutting heights, and other suggestions to improve the lawn. Your assessment will also detail any problems that might be currently active on your lawn. We will treat any problems found on your lawn immediately to reduce further damage at no additional cost to you. These problems may include weeds, crabgrass, insects, or diseases. Should any pesticides be required on your lawn, you will be notified of any special instructions, as well as a posted sign notifying you of the products that have been applied to your lawn. Only the affected areas will be treated unless special conditions warrant.

No pesticides will be applied on lawns that sign up under our organic program.

*Weed, crabgrass and surface insect controls are applied only when necessary. Grub control will be applied if your lawn or lawns in the immediate area have suffered grub damage.