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For good lawn care it is important to have the proper sprinkler system for your lawn. There are many choices, but there are six general types of sprinklers available: impulse, oscillating, rotary, stationary, hose and traveling sprinklers.

The sprinkler that is right for you depends on three key factors; the size and design of your yard, soil type and the rate of water flow that you want to achieve.

Impulse - Single water jet, distribute water evenly over a large area in a circle or semi-circular pattern.

Oscillating - Many jets of water in a fan like pattern. Cover large rectangular or square areas. The gentle spray is ideal for newly seeded areas. Rotary - Also known as spinning sprinkler, are a spinning unit with two or three arms with water jets on the ends. Rotary sprinkler are great for smaller yards, low distribution radius.

Stationary - Distribute water evenly in a circular pattern. They are the least expensive, have a low throw radius and are therefore ideal for smaller yards.

Sprinkler hoses - Low flow rate. Only work well for awkward shaped or sloped yards. They deteriorate with age, which results in uneven coverage. Another type is a soaker hose, which is permanently embedded in the ground or mulch. Traveling sprinklers - These will follow the garden hose or guide on wheels, two arms spray water in a circular pattern. These will water large irregular patterns of lawn.

Irrigation Systems

Lawn-911 can supply install and service a wide variety of sprinkler systems for your lawn. A permanent, in ground irrigation system can conserve water and save you time to enjoy your lawn! A properly designed sprinkler system can deliver the proper amount of water at the right time. An irrigation system eliminates the need to drag portable sprinklers around and is great for traveling or vacation properties.

Irrigation systems are comprised of a network of underground pipes, control valves, risers (short vertical pipes) and of course sprinkler heads. Sprinklers are divided into zones because most homes only have enough pressure for a limited number of sprinklers at one time.

There are two types of controllers, manual and automatic. Automatic controllers are programmable, which lets you create a watering schedule for you lawn. Some models can even be even equipped with moisture sensors in your soil, this will either water your yard when it is dry, or prevent your schedule from running when it is raining.

There are several types of sprinkler heads available for irrigation systems, the important things to remember are the accuracy and overlap of your coverage (some overlap is important to ensure consistent watering).

Lawn-911 can install and maintain a customized irrigation system for your yard. The appropriate irrigation system can be designed to suit your landscape and lifestyle. Lawn-911 can also train you or your family on the operation of your irrigation system.

Some of our key suppliers of irrigation hardware and supplies are the following companies: