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As a homeowner, the two most important responsibilities you have to your lawn are to ensure the lawn is at a good height to promote growth and to make sure the lawn receives the proper amount of water it needs. If either is ignored then the overall appearance of the lawn will deteriorate. Below are some helpful tips for both mowing and watering.


Always cut the lawn between 2.5” – 3” (this is the top notch on most lawn mowers), as this helps to build an extensive root system and helps the lawn retain moisture.

Make sure that your lawn mower blade is sharp because using a dull blade can damage the grass and drastically reduce the growth rate. To test if your blade is dull, cut a patch of the lawn and check the grass blades to see if they have been cut cleanly or not. If there is a fine cut on the grass, then your mower blade is fine and if not then it should be sharpened.

Leave the clippings on the lawn after each cut because mulching the grass will provide added nitrogen for the turf and the clippings are a good source of water. * Never leave so many clippings that the lawn appears “smothered,” as it can harm the lawn.


When you are setting up your sprinkler, be sure to place a measuring cup in the centre of the lawn. The container should have about an inch of water by the end of the watering. The amount of time it takes can be used as a guideline for each time you water.

Never over water the lawn, as it can cause diseases and can lead to poor growing conditions.

The best time to water is in the early morning, not at night. Watering in the morning will allow the turf to absorb the water it needs and the excess will be evaporated as the daytime temperature increases.

Lawn Maintenance Services – Grass

One of the most important aspects of keeping a lawn healthy is the way it is maintained. We offer high-quality lawn maintenance services because we know how much our customers take pride in their lawns.

To achieve the best lawn possible, we recommend having your lawn cut weekly to a height of 2½” from May until the end of June and again from September to the end of October. In July and August, the lawn is usually stressed due to high temperatures and lower water supply. During these months, we suggest cutting the lawn at a height of 3” every two (2) weeks. For optimum results, a Spring-clean up in April will prepare your lawn for the summer months and a fall clean up in November prepares the turf for winter.

Weekly Maintenance Services provided by our Company are as follows:
  • Lawn cutting
  • Lawn trimming
  • Edging around sidewalks, garden beds, etc.
  • Cultivate and weed gardens, as required
  • Blow all walkways, gardens and driveway

Fully trained and uniformed professionals using the best lawn equipment in the industry perform all work.