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Just Say No to Grubs!

Due to today’s changing climate about the use of pesticides, Ontario has adopted the IPM program that is currently in use in British Columbia. This program has been in operation since 1990 and has effectively reduced the use of pesticides. The program is currently being endorsed by the Ministry of the Environment, municipalities throughout Ontario, Landscape Ontario and the Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario.

Lawn-911 reduces the pest population (weeds, insects, diseases, etc) effectively by relying on 5 simple steps:

• Identification - identifying the present pest
• Monitoring - monitor the pest and/or damage caused
• Action Decisions - deciding when and where treatment is required
• Treatments - a variety of controls are used
• Evaluation - results are evaluated and future plans are made

Lawn-911 believes that by following the above 5 steps we will be able to reduce pests and maintain a thick, green, healthy lawn.

All services and all work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed